Ten of the best band t-shirts of all time and how to design your own

How to Aug 15, 2019

Band and tour t-shirts have been around for almost as long as bands themselves. They’re great for giving band members and fans a sense of identity. They even gave birth to a new style in the 1970s called punk.

Are you looking for inspiration for your own band merchandise? We’ve collected some of the best for inspiration.

Fun fact: Black is by far the most popular band shirt colour.

You don’t need Photoshop skills or a professional designer to make any of these designs. The oShirt app was created specifically to make custom garment design easy for anyone. Whether you want to make tees, hoodies, sweats, tanks, muscle shirts or more. We’ll add a couple of tips to each band’s t-shirt showing you how to make it yourself.

You can download oShirt for your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

10. The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones font is similar to Bangers or The Luckiest Guy and their t-shirt designs make judicious use of bent text which is a formatting feature available in the oShirt app. “Who The Fuck Is Mick Jagger” font is similar to the Graduate font.

9. Smashing pumpkins

A bold font with a simple star shape to embellish and the iconic ZERO shirt is complete.

8. The Who

This design is one of the most complex but is essentially a series of concentric circle shapes that can be layered on one another and then some text on top.

7. Run DMC

The closest font available in oShirt is the Archivo font and a line above and below the text and you have reproduced probably one of the simplest but memorable band shirts of all time.

6. Nirvana

Looks like a sick emoji? Well this t-shirt was designed well before the modern emoji existed.

That shouldn’t stop you from using one of the thousands of emojis available in oShirt.

5. Oasis

Quite simple but makes use of negative space. If you select fill -> cutout in the oShirt app you can also make your text cut out the rectangle you have placed below as in the Oasis t-shirt.

4. The Ramones

OShirt has some image filters but won’t be able to reproduce the effect on this Ramones photo. A great companion app for image manipulation is Snapseed — available on iOS and Android.

Circular text is easy with oShirt. You can place text on a circle with the bend text tool in oShirt.

oShirt has many fonts and text effects available

3. AC-DC

oShirt allows you to change your text into an unfilled outline just like this AC/DC tee. The font itself is quite unique but there are plenty more to choose from

2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Just text. The trick here is to pick a bold and forward font when designing shirts with a message on them. We’ve covered the best fonts for t-shirt design in another article if you’re wanting help choosing a font.

1. Daft Punk

Simple but iconic much like Run DMC. This style can be reproduced by overlaying solid text on outline text. Here’s our take on it using the Kung Fu font.

If you haven’t already, download the oShirt app now and start creating. The app store links are below.

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