How to make your own couples t-shirts

How to Aug 12, 2019

Whether it’s his and hers, his and his or hers and hers couples shirts can be cute and entertaining. Great for holidays, family events or just for a Sunday stroll. They are the perfect way to show the world your love. They also make the perfect anniversary gift for the committed couple.

Rather than buying a generic “I’m with stupid” with arrow design why not create your own design that says a little about your personality as a couple.

We’re going to use the oShirt custom t-shirt design app to show you how to design your own couple’s shirts (or hoodies, sweats, tanks etc). The oShirt app is available for iOS and Android and can help you create amazing custom garment designs that would normally require advanced design skills and access to expensive software.

We’ll also show you five designs that inspired this article and will help inspire you.

But first you need to install the oShirt app and spend a few minutes getting used to it so you can play along at home. Here’s where to find it…

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Start designing your couples shirt

For this example we’re going to create a pair of been together since anniversary shirts that look just like the ones below:

1 — Open up the app and click the plus icon to start a new design. We’re going to start off with the design on the left then use it to create the design on the right

2 — Double tap the default text and type in “TOGETHER” — once you’ve done that you want to pick a nice bold font. For this design we’ll use Graduate but for more typography ideas see our article on the most popular fronts with users of the oShirt app

3 — Now we’re going to tap off our newly added text an add more text — “20” for the millenium. The app should size our text appropriately but you may want to pinch to size it more appropriately and either use the controls to centre it or drag it around until the helper markers align it appropriately. We also chose a bold style to make it stand out more. When you’re happy with the design tap back and we’re going to duplicate the design for our second couples garment.

4—Tap your newly created garment and bring up the preview. You’re going to want to click “copy” now and start editing a new design. Tap the garment colour and choose black. Feel free to use another colour — we suggest offsetting white with a darker colour like navy or red.

5 — Double tap “TOGETHER” and change it to “SINCE”. You can do the same with “20” and change it to the year you first got together. In our example we are using 17. There should be no need to move any of your text as it should auto align for you but you may need to make an adjustment.

6 — Your text will still be black at this point so you’ll need to tap it and change the colour to white to make it stand out on a dark coloured garment. See our article on five common t-shirt design mistakes to get a better understanding of how contrast on t-shirts works but suffice to say if you use black text on a black t-shirt no one’s going to be able to see it.

Tip: One cute tip we have for the older, happier couples is to use the effect option to add an vintage effect to your design to make the t-shirts themselves look like they are aged. You’ll get a kind of crumpled, faded effect when applied.

Ordering your couples t-shirt

Now you’ve made your second t-shirt you can tap done and pick a size which will add it to your cart. You’ll then need to go back and add your first design to your cart. If you want to ok the design with your better half then designs can be shared and even bought by them by sharing your designs.

Our favourite couples t-shirt designs

Here’s five of the best couple design t-shirts from our designers on oShirt and that we’ve found online.

Cute or passive aggressive? We’ll let you decide
Funny together, or apart!
This couple surely have to be easy to get along with
Why not be more creative and use each other’s pet names?
Power couples wear statement shirts!

What design are you planning to make for your couples shirt? Leave a comment below.