How to make an emoji t-shirt and 10 ideas to inspire you

How to Aug 05, 2019

Emojis are a great way to express yourself and combined with a t-shirt, hoodie, onesie, sweat or a tank top and a message you can look fashionable.

OShirt is a t-shirt designer app for your phone or tablet (available on iOS and Android) that helps you create amazing designs that normally require design skills. It is packed full of fonts, shapes and images that can be used in your design and when you’re done you can order straight from the app. No need to deal with garment specs, print shops or minimum order requirements. Buy one or one hundred garments.

Crazy fact: Did you know there is an international day dedicated to emojis? It’s every July 17 and the perfect day to wear an emoji shirt.

The app has over one thousands emojis available and hundreds of fonts you can use to design your own custom tee.

Which emoji should I use on my design?

According to emojipedia these are the most popular emojis in the world today

Crying, cool, poo, party, thumbs up and of course love hearts are most popular emojis

Some inspiration

And some great designs we’ve seen our users and others make using emojis:

Show your love for the finer things
Just point to the shirt when you agree with someone — 100%
How relaxed are you?
What should I wear today?
Vegans for emojis?
Because 100% doesn’t quite cut it today
Every day is Fry-Day
Free hugs t-shirt for the brave
Or coffee?
Everyone loves a unicorn emoji

Our favorite?

Whilst we don’t have a clear winner it’s hard to go past the crazy wink face emoji. It’s so versatile when delivering a message.

I love you, or I don’t or is that just stay away from me because I’m crazy?

We hope you’ve been inspired to start using emojis in your t-shirt design. Download the oShirt app on your iphone/ipad or Android phone or tablet today and start designing.