Here's 5 Family Reunion Clothing Ideas You'll love

Here's 5 Family Reunion Clothing Ideas You'll love

Family reunions can be a very rewarding event but they can also be stressful to organize. We've taken the time to compile some ideas for what to have everyone wear on the special day and how to look good when you take that photo.

1. Matching colors

The simplest to pull off, if not as satisfying as the other options, it at least shows that you want to some effort for your very special family reunion. The key here is not to pick something run of the mill (hint: no blacks or whites).

Go for something matching the season, reds and oranges for autumn, greens and browns for winter, pink, purple and gold for spring and  cooling colors like baby blue and anything with a heather pattern for summer.

2. Matching outfits

This is harder to pull off as you're likely to have to match across men and women and children.

This mixes in very well with ideas 4 and 5 because if you are all wearing the same t-shirt or sweater then all you need to do to match is ask everyone to wear blue jeans and white sneakers, almost everyone has them. Otherwise try something simple like navy blazer or blue striped shirt and khakis.

3. Pick a theme

This is one of the pictures I took of the wild horses in Turkey. I was so lucky to capture the horse rearing with the cowboy on the back. The whole scene was just perfect as the wild horses in front of them created this dust and together with the sunset it formed a silhouette out of them! This must be one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve taken to date!

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Photo by Daniil Vnoutchkov / Unsplash

Who says it's only kids and office Christmas parties that are allowed to have a theme. Here's some popular reunion themes we found in our adventures:

  • Pirates
  • Wild west
  • Famous dead people
  • Super heroes
  • Mexican fiesta
  • Retro (grandpa might not even need to dress up)

2. Order custom family reunion t-shirts

There are lots of designs out there to choose from and some companies will let you customize the name on your shirt but not much more. Many of these though will also have minimum orders of 20 or more.

OShirt is a custom t-shirt (and other garments) design app that has hundreds of design templates for family reunions, get togethers and other events. They are full customizable so you can change the name, change the colors, add your own text, shapes and images etc.

The best bit about ordering custom t-shirts with oShirt is that instead of having to order 5, 10, 20 or even 50 tees and hand them out at the reunion (and likely worry about getting your money back) you can share the design link with family members and they can order and pay for it themselves.

Download oShirt for Apple or Android phones or tablets.

1. Design your own t-shirts

If you're feeling creative or have seen a design somewhere that inspires you then you can use oShirt to make a design from scratch. Some of the amazing features of oShirt are:

  • Thousands of garment combinations
  • Almost 100 fonts to choose from
  • Thousands of t-shirt design shapes including badges, decorations, animals, emojis and more
  • Millions of photos or bring your own
  • Powerful design tools such as being able to fill text and shapes with photos or add a vintage effect to your design

If you'd like to learn more about how to design t-shirts with oShirt read some of our Howto articles or Youtube channel.